COGO-N Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, Orange

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Hohner Compadre Diatonic Accordion - Keys of GCF (SOL) - Orange...

From Hohner’s Música Típica series, the Hohner Compadre diatonic accordion is the ideal squeeze box
for Latin folk music including Norteño, Tejana, Vallenato, and it’s equally at home with European folk
styles, Americana, rock, and more. This push-button diatonic accordion features 31 treble-side buttons
and 12 bass-side buttons with two voices per button, and it has a crisp, full sound that sings from the
reeds. Comfortably priced, the Hohner Compadre provides an excellent entry point for beginners, and it
boasts a brilliant tone that advanced players will love too. GearNuts is proud to offer a selection of
Hohner’s remarkably well-crafted accordions, including the Hohner Compadre — your new favorite musical

Model: COGO-N
Manufacturer: Hohner

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