HRCOREXUS Headrush Core Guitar FX/Amp Modeler/Vocal Processor...

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HeadRush Core...

Containing a huge library of realistic and responsive guitar FX, amps, cabs and microphone emulations,
the HeadRush Core provides virtually unlimited impulse response loading, and the ability to capture
the sound of your own precious analog gear with ‘smart cloning’ technology. For the singers who need
a complementary vocal processing unit, the Core also features a full suite of vocal FX including the
industry-standard Antares Auto-Tune® and a best-in-class looper.

The HeadRush Core includes an ever-expanding library of sounds. These are premium emulations of the most
cherished vintage, modern, and boutique guitar gear with unprecedented accuracy and jaw dropping natural
dynamic response. It features factory presets assembled by guitar sound designer aficionados ChopTonesTM,
and a full suite of great sounding and easy-to-use vocal FX including Antares Auto-Tune®. This library is
expanded on a regular basis with firmware updates
(available via onboard Wi-Fi connection or USB connection to Mac/PC).

The HeadRush Core features proprietary cloning technology which enables you to greatly expand your onboard amp
and FX library using real gear.

The HeadRush Amp Cloner precisely captures the sound, dynamics, and most importantly, feel, of your favorite amps,
pre-amps, distortion pedals, overdrive pedals, and even fuzz pedals. Cloning your gear is an extremely fast process,
with a simple on-screen wizard guiding you through each step.

Manufacturer: Headrush

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