D'Addario NB1152 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Lite Guitar Strings, .011 - .052

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D'Addario NB1152, a new premium Nickel Bronze acoustic guitar strings for professional players.. 

While many strings add color to a guitar's tone, these strings simply highlight a guitar's inner character, allowing your instrument's natural frequencies to truly shine. Nickel Bronze provides a guitar with unrivaled clarity, resonance and projection, as well as outstanding balance and harmonically rich overtones. Since this uncoated set also features D'Addario's proprietary NY Steel core, players will also enjoy improved tuning stability and higher break resistance.

•D'Addario's premium uncoated string
•New Nickel Bronze wrap wire is engineered to bring out the natural voice of your acoustic guitar
•Provides unrivaled clarity, resonance and projection
•Outstanding balance with harmonically rich overtones
•Features D'Addario NY Steel cores and plain steels for improved break resistance and tuning stability

Model:  NB1152

UPC:  019954182229

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Model: NB1152
Manufacturer: D'Addario

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