Black Diamond N719 Fiddle Strings .010-.032

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With a perfect balance of warmth and brilliance, Black Diamond fiddle strings and violin strings provide powerful
projection without any shrillness. Black Diamond has been making fine violin and fiddle strings for over a century.
Due to their high carbon steel core, these violin and fiddle strings feature an exceedingly easy bow response to
accommodate up- tempo play. Although both are designed for the same instrument, a 4/4 size violin, playing
styles and music choices will determine which set you choose. With silverplated, wound D and G strings,
fiddle strings by Black Diamond have a bright, projecting tone that is well suited to folk and traditional music.
The violin set’s chromium plated wound A, D and G strings give them a warmer sound. All the wound strings
are wrapped on a high carbon steel core. The non-wound strings in both sets are plain steel. According to
many Black Diamond violin strings reviews, the strings are favored by beginners and lifelong players alike for
their quality tone, durability and value pricing.


Model: N719
Manufacturer: Black Diamond

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