DR5514 DR Zebra Acoustic/Electric Strings ZAE-11-50

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The DR Zebra Acoustic/Electric Strings make you sound just as snazzy as they make you look...

Zebra acoustic-electric guitar strings work great for acoustic-electric guitars with piezo pickups under the bridge or magnetic pickups in the soundhole. Zebras from DR Strings also work for full-size archtop guitars, which respond to Zebra strings with richer tones. Any amplified acoustic comes alive when you put on Zebra strings. Revolutionary design you can see--every other coil is nickel-plated steel, every other coil is rare phosphor bronze, and both are wound on round cores.

Round cores
3 nickel plated strings
2 phosphor bronze plated strings

Model: 5514
UPC: 600781000833

Model: DR5514
Manufacturer: DR

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