Electro-Harmonx Electro-Harmonix HOT TUBES Overdrive Effects Pedal

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Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive...

With the price of vintage Hot Tubes soaring, countless guitarists have requested that we re-issue our 1970s Hot Tubes.
Since its initial release in 1978, countless musicians have prized the scorching tube amp simulation the Hot Tubes delivers.
They consider the original Hot Tubes to be indispensable, so it is rarely available on the vintage market.

The EHX Hot Tubes’ Volume and Overdrive let you go from a gentle rasp that caresses your notes to a full-blown gain monster
with a powerhouse punch. Sculpt your sound with the Tone control, or take a detour around the tone circuit with the Tone
On/Off switch. True bypass for a pristine signal chain.

CMOS overdrive
Sensitive to your touch and guitar’s volume
True Bypass
Tone bypass switch completely removes tone circuit
9V battery included

Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonx

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