TA5723 Tama Tension Watch TW200

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Keep Your Drums in Tune The Tama TW200 Tension Watch is an essential for any drummer's toolbox. This compact drum tuner is equipped with an easy-to-read dial that shows you the tension of your drum head so you'll have consistent tuning whether you're changing out heads or just tuning up for the show. The detachable nylon bumper helps you maintain measuring distance from the hoop to assure that your drum heads are evenly tensioned, giving you the best sound possible. Keep your drums tuned and properly tensioned with the TAMA TW200 Tension Watch and you'll be sounding great even longer. Features: - Easy-to-read dial face - Simplifies and speeds up drum tuning process - Makes it easy to duplicate tunings every time you change heads - Removable bumpers help ensure even tension around the head

Model: TA5723
Manufacturer: Tama

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