DT-50S Yamaha DT-505 Dual-zone Drum Trigger - Snare/Tom

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Yamaha DT-50S Overview...

The DT50S Dual-Zone Drum Trigger for Acoustic Snare and Tom from Yamaha
offers a simple solution for transforming your acoustic drum kit into an electronic kit.
Easily attach the DT50S to the rim of your snare, tom, or floor tom, and start transmitting
trigger signals to your drum trigger module (available separately), instantly extending
the sound palette of your drum set.

The unit features head and rim sensors, which provide accurate dual-zone triggering
for playing two different electronic sounds from the same drum, without affecting the
acoustic sound and natural playing feel.

With a solid metal die-cast body, the DT50S is built to withstand the rigors of the road.
It features Yamaha's Absolute lug-style design with a polished chrome finish for a clean,
professional look on your set.

Mounts on snare, tom, and floor tom, and transmits trigger signal to drum trigger module (available separately)
Head sensor and rim sensor for accurate dual-zone triggering capability, with complete isolation between head and rim triggering – lets you play two different electronic sounds from the same drum
Small footprint and soft material for the head contact leave the acoustic drum sound undisturbed
Thumb screw allows for unit to sit firmly on the drum, with both sensors making full contact
Chrome finish and Yamaha Absolute lug-style design provide a clean, professional look
Durable, solid metal die-cast body
Compatible with drum trigger modules which support single- and dual-trigger pads, including Yamaha DTX900M, DTX700, DTX502, and DTXM12

Model: DT-50S
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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