Presonus DM-7 Seven-Piece Drum Microphone Set w Case

Price: $399.99

You Got The Beat...

The key to a great acoustic drum kit sound is to capture each element individually
so that you have the most control over your mix. The PreSonus® DM-7 drum mic
set gives you everything you need to authentically capture your drum kit and just
about any other instrument you like. Starting with the foundation, the BD-1 kick drum
mic provides a unique frequency response to capture both the boom and the attack
of your kick drum for tight, robust sound. The four ST-4 microphones will bring out
the best in toms and snare drums while staying out of the drummer's way, thanks to
included, adjustable rim mounts. To capture the sizzle of your cymbals and the ambiance
of the room, use the two OH-2 small-diaphragm condensers to add space and movement
to your drums. It all adds up to a useful and versatile assortment of microphones, included
mounts and a hardshell carrying case.

Model: DM-7
Manufacturer: Presonus

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