D'Addario PW-AG-20 20' CRCBRKR 1/4" INST CBL

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High-quality Cable with a Built-in Momentary Mute Switch...

Guitarists, we're sure you're familiar with that nasty pop sound your amplifiers and speakers
make when you unplug an active cable from you guitar. Not a good sound! But the D'Addario
Circuit Breaker guitar cables put a built-in mute switch at your fingertips, letting you instantly,
and silently, break the connection. Once the cable connection is broken, you can remove the
cable and insert it into a different guitar without any sound through your rig. When you're
ready to play, just press the D'Addario Circuit Breaker Cable's mute button, and you're ready
to go.

Length: 20'
Straight connectors
Built-in momentary mute switch
Prevents pops and squeals when unplugging your guitar

Model: PW-AG-20
Manufacturer: D'Addario

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