Consignment ISS2092 Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue JCM 25/50 2525C

Price: $2,200.00

Used Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue JCM 25/50 2525C in excellent condition.

This 20-watt 2525C Mini Silver Jubilee Combo gives you everything you love about Marshall's
highly coveted 2-channel, 100-watt combo in a smaller and more volume-friendly unit. The 2525C
has all the tone and look of the original, including high- and low-output switching for 5- and 20-
watt performance, offering you the sound of a Marshall at full roar, but at studio and club levels.
The Marshall 20-watt 2525C Silver Jubilee combo also gives you even lower noise performance
and improved reliability over the 1980s originals.

Shipping $100

Model: ISS2092
Manufacturer: Consignment

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