SLG200S TBS Yamaha SLG200S Steel String Silent Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst

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Steel String Silent Guitar Tobacco Sunburst...

Sound by SRT Powered
SRT Powered is a new system designed to recreate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar
in a bodiless guitar. Yamaha developed SRT Powered, collaborating with recording artists to
create a system tailored to the unique properties of the new SLG body and modelled after the
tones of a high-end Yamaha acoustic guitar captured using a carefully selected microphone in
a professional recording studio environment. By actually reproducing the sound of an acoustic
guitar—right down to its natural sustain and decay—Yamaha lets guitarists experience the
genuine body resonance, body tone and ambience of an acoustic guitar.

SRT Powered sound can even be mixed with the sound from the instrument's piezo pickups,
allowing guitarists to be even more flexible in their creative endeavors.

Because the SLG can virtually reproduce the sound of a guitar recorded with a microphone,
players are free from complicated procedures involved in mic-ing up a guitar when recording
at home or in other settings.

Model: SLG200S TBS
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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