JHS Pedals WHITEYTIGHTY JHS Whitey Tighty Mini Compressor Effects Pedal

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JHS Whitey Tighty Mini Compressor Effects Pedal...

The classic compressor pedal "Whitey Tighty" developed from
JHS Pedals' unique perspective. Whitey Tighty works so naturally that no one notices
it when you turn it on, so you'll feel very open when you turn it off.

Whitey Tighty is as simple as ever. The compact 1 "x 3" body can be added to the pedalboard
without sacrificing other effects. In addition, it has a blending function of compression signal
and clean signal, so you can adjust it to the perfect sound in any situation.

Whitey Tighty is a FET compressor with three simple controls: Volume, Compression and Blend.
The VOL knob can boost the volume lowered by compression to unity or slightly.
The COMP knob controls the amount of compression. The effect of slightly smoothing the tone
of the guitar can create a nice feeling of compression, and it corresponds to various songs
such as country, blues, pop, and rock.
Turn the Blend knob to the right to add a compression signal to the clean tone. You can add
studio-quality compression while maintaining the naturalness of a clean tone, taking your
guitar sound to a new level.

・ Input / output terminals: Input, output
・ Power supply: DC9V center minus

Manufacturer: JHS Pedals

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