LUENCESTRATPGB Fishman Fluence Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard - Black

Price: $299.99

Drop In Replacement For Strats...

Pickguards are designed as drop-in replacements for modern/standard Stratocaster and similar type guitars with 3-ply, 11-hole pickguards
Available in white and black
The Includes a set of Fishman Fluence Single Width pickups installed and pre-wired to the pickguard, all potentiometers, selector switch, knobs, and capacitors
Drop-in and connect to a power source (Fluence rechargeable battery pack or standard 9-Volt battery) for easy installation
Fluence rechargeable battery pack sold separately
No permanent modification required
Voice 1: Vintage Single-Coil – Vintage tone, clear and present, seamlessly fused with a sweet warmth.
Voice 2: Hot Texas Single-Coil – Muscular, beefy, “overwound” tone without losing the highs or the “strattiness” we all love.

Manufacturer: Fishman

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