11104-11-B Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special, Set, Blk

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Perfect For Replicating Those 70s Arena Rock Tones...

Unlike traditional humbuckers, the Saturday Night Special humbuckers are voiced to be a little
hotter and fatter in the bridge position, and a little clearer and less “wooly” in the neck. They’re
more aggressive than 50s-style models, but without the compression of most high gain pickups.
The cleans are warm and musical while the overdriven tones cut through without being harsh in
the highs or cloudy in the lows. These bridge the output level gap between vintage 50s and
modern humbuckers, making this pickup set perfect for replicating those legendary late-70s
arena rock tones.

Model: 11104-11-B
Manufacturer: Seymour Duncan

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