Martin MA540FX Tommy Emmanuel Flex Core Acoustic Strings, .012 - .054

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Product  MA540FX

Martin MA540FX Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core Strings Phosphor Bronze Light 12-52...

Perfect for beginner players who might like a string that's softer to the touch and with less
tension on the neck for easier playability, this is a set of Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core strings
from Martin. This is a set of Phosphor Bronze Light 12-52 strings. They aren't just for professional
players - just ask Tommy Emmanuel, who performs with our Flexible Core strings night after night.
Martin starts with their highest tensile-strength core wire, then tin-plate it on all six strings for added
corrosion resistance; because what you don’t see matters! When coupled with their highest quality
wrap wire, you get a consistent true tone that you can count on song after song.

Model: MA540FX
Manufacturer: Martin

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