Floyd Rose FRT-P2000 FR 1000 SE PRO TREMOLO, BLACK

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Product  FRT-P2000

Engineered Like No Other Tremolo System...

The Floyd Rose Pro Series Tremolo Bridge with R2 Nut is a low profile version of the Floyd Rose
Original and has narrower string spacing. The Original Floyd Rose Tremolo string spacing is .420
inches and the Floyd Rose Pro strings spacing is .400 inches. No copy can duplicate the double-
locking design of the Floyd Rose Tremolo System that allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the
nut and at the bridge. The Floyd Rose Tremolo System is engineered like no other tremolo system.
Its high quality steel parts are manufactured to exacting specifications.


Lower profile and narrower string spacing than the original
Professional design and proven performance
Double-locking system
High quality steel parts
Locking nut fits 1-5/8" necks

Model: FRT-P2000
Manufacturer: Floyd Rose

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