11108-96-B7 Seymour Duncan 11108-96-b7, 7 Str, Nazgûl\Sentient Blk Pickup Set

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The Most Brutal Chugs From A Humbucker...

Take your guitar to the center of the earth with the Nazgûl and Sentient high output passive humbucker pickups.
The Nazgûl combines a large ceramic magnet with custom winding specs. The result is a perfect blend of note
articulation, saturation, pick attack, and one of the most brutal “chugs” you’ll ever hear from a humbucker. It has
incredible harmonic content across all frequency ranges, and an insanely tight bass response. The Nazgûl has
a seriously aggressive high gain sound that is lively, yet completely controllable.

The Sentient neck delivers a balanced, versatile tone that fits right between the 59 and the Jazz model neck pickups.
You’ll get pristine cleans, and fluid leads under high gain. The Sentient is a very articulate vintage output pickup with
great dynamic response and a wide harmonic range. It works great for low tunings in all humbucker-equipped guitars.

Model: 11108-96-B7
Manufacturer: Seymour Duncan

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