BZ5-45 DR Bootsy Collins "Bootzillas" Coated Stainless Steel Electric Bass Strings Med 5s 45-125

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Get funky with these Bootzillas...

The costly stainless steel wrap wire used to manufacture Bootzillas™ is unique. It produces a distinct “crunchy tone”. 
Bootzillas™ bass strings are coated for extra protection against damaging substances such as perspiration, dirt,
humidity and “acid hands”.
Gauges 45, 65, 85, 105, 125
Strings worthy of Bootsy Collins' space bass should add some funk to your play, too!

Scale Length: 37 3/4"
Material: Stainless Steel Treated with Superior K3™
Coating. Hexagonal Core Wire with Ball End.


Model: BZ5-45
Manufacturer: DR

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