Harris Teller 3004561 Chem-pak Finger Ease

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The Chem-Pak Finger Ease String Lubricant Spray will keep you from ruining your moneymakers- your fingers...

Stop "string talk" dead in its tracks! Since 1963, Tone Finger-ease has been making sure fretboards all over the world have been smooth and slick. You want a frictionless fretboard, after all, your performance should be the only thing blistering, not your fingertips! This string spray allows for much smoother guitar playing, letting your fingers glide without friction along the strings. Cuts down on cuts, scrapes and sore fingertips - not to mention fudged notes or lines. Best of all, Finger-Ease does all this without mucking up or damaging your strings or fretboard.

Tone Finger-ease is a string lubricant that works great for all types of strings wound or flat, and string materials steel, nickel, phosphor bronze, nylon or gut. Finger-ease will also work great for all type of instruments from guitar to bass to banjo to mandolin. Did you know that you can also use Tone Finger-ease on the back of your neck? Spray it on and rub it in, then wait a few minute and enjoy a super fast playing neck. No more sticky, speed-reducing neck finishes.

Cuts down friction on your fretboard
Reduces string noise
Helps keep your fretboard and stings cleaner
Safe for your fretboard and guitar finish

Model: 3004561
UPC: 786141220223

Model: 3004561
Manufacturer: Harris Teller

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