Discontinued 9000 Chauvet Swarm 5FX

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The Chauvet Swarm 5 FX is a compact, versatile lighting fixture that combines several different technologies to produce one of the smartest, most efficient and effective lighting investments you can make. It uses LED technology as well as laser technology, and straps all of that into a DMX-controlled lighting fixture that additionally features automated chase sequences and sound-activated programs. The Swarm 5 incorporates both red and green lasers, eight LED strobe lights and an RGBAW (red, green, blue, amber and white) rotating Derby-style lighting effect. The RGBAW system permits the Swarm 5 to produce any color at all on the lighting spectrum, which when combined with the strobe and the lasers make for an amazing lighting effect. So why does Chauvet call it the Swarm? One look and you’ll understand why. The Swarm 5 projects literally thousands of red and green laser beams which manifest as arrow-straight beams through the air (especially effective through fog) and then as red and green pin spots on the wall. Add in the swimming dots from the RGBAW LEDs and you’ll feel like you are in the middle of a massive swarm of flying balls of multi-colored light. If you have a DMX system, you can control your colors in real time independent of any program chases you have set up. If you don’t have a DMX system you can still run a dynamic shows just on the Swarm 5’s presets. If you purchase multiple Swarm 5s, you can run them in series in a Master/Slave relationship whereby they all synchronize together for a truly arresting visual presentation. The Swarm 5 comes with mounting hardware for attaching to standard lighting trees.

Model: 9000
Manufacturer: Discontinued

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