Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Effects Pedal

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Product  AC-3

The AC-3 gives electric guitarists an acoustic effect with a tap of the pedal...

BOSS's COSM Acoustic-Modeling technology is beautifully showcased in this
small but powerful pedal, which simulates an acoustic guitar much more precisely
and realistically than previous technology has allowed. Derived from BOSS top-of-the-line
AD-8, the AC-3 pedal simulates the sound of an acoustic guitar with incredible precision.

Four simulation modes are provided: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced, and Piezo-equipped;
the latter supplies that famous "cut through the mix" direct piezo sound. Previous compact
acoustic-guitar modeling-pedals were promising, but now the bar has been raised with Boss AC-3.


Model: AC-3
Manufacturer: Boss

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