M2009BXG Hohner M2009BX-G Marine Band Crossover Harmonica- Key of G

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The Hohner Merine Band Crossover Harmonica in the Key of G is perfect for all occasions from rock to blues...

The Hohner Marine Band Crossover is the perfect harp for players that find themselves playing rock, blues, jazz, soul, funk, or any combination of these styles. This modern marvel of airtight chambering and completely sealed bamboo comb design gives you a fast response and a throaty sound that won't fade, no matter how much you play. The Marine Band Crossover harmonica features compromise tuning, which makes it just as great for playing single notes as it does for getting those fully developed chord sounds. Whether you play pure acoustic or amp up your harp for that bluesy drive, this Hohner Marine Band Crossover harmonica will give you the sound you're looking for.

Key of G (diatonic)
Excellent for blues, rock, jazz, soul, or funk
Laminated bamboo comb is completely sealed, water repellent, and exceptionally stable
Air-tight screw-together assembly
Fast, even response
Powerful, raspy sound that's well suited to amplified and acoustic styles
Modern compromise tuning is ideal for single-note and full-chord playing

Model: M2009BXG
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Model: M2009BXG
Manufacturer: Hohner

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