Hohner 542PBXD Golden Melody Diatonic - Key of D

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The Hohner 542X/D Golden Melody Diatonic Harmonica in the Key of D is ideal for solo playing...

Possibly the original pocket instrument, the harmonica has made its way into every style of music. Not all harmonicas are made the same though, the Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica is the only model made by Hohner that features equal tempered tuning which makes it especially suitable for melody playing. The 1950s styling gives the Golden Melody a classy, retro look. Let your melodies flow and the chords chug with the Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica.

Key of D
1950s styling
Equal-tempered tuning

Model: 4737
UPC: 190786075245

Model: 542PBXD
Manufacturer: Hohner

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