Electro-Harmonx 4682 Electro-Harmonix Nano Battalion Bass Preamp & Overdrive

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The Electro-Harmonix Nano Battalion Bass Preamp and Overdrive Pedal is versatile enough to fit into any misician's pedalboard...

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Battalion is a bass preamp and overdrive pedal with all-analog circuitry that delivers a formidable arsenal of bass tones in a compact, tour-tough chassis. The Nano Battalion's big sibling is very popular, and by popular demand, Electro-Harmonix is now offering the Battalion's tonal onslaught in a pedalboard-friendly, single-wide stompbox form factor. The Nano Battalion's versatile MOSFET drive circuit serves up everything from subtle overdrive to heavy, saturated distortion, while its 3-band EQ (with three EQ position modes) gives you maximum sound-shaping control and flexibility. The Nano also offers three signal flow modes that yield unique tonal variations.

The Nano Battalion's 3-band EQ includes Treble (1kHz knee) and Bass (200Hz knee) shelving boost and cut, plus a Mid switch that provides 9dB of boost or cut at 500Hz. Three signal flow modes determine where the EQ is applied. In Distortion mode, the EQ comes after the distorted signal and has a powerful effect on its timbre, while the clean signal is not affected. In Input mode, the EQ comes first in the signal path, affecting both the clean and distorted signals. Boosting frequencies in this mode can drive the distortion into higher saturation. In Dry mode, the EQ affects the clean signal but not the distorted signal.

All-analog circuit with MOSFET drive for great tone and versatility
3-band EQ and 3 EQ position modes for maximum sound-shaping control and flexibility
Optimized for both active and passive basses
¼" jack provides an unbalanced output with TS cable and a balanced signal with TRS cable for direct injection into console or interface
Ships with EHX9.6DC-200 PSU
Dimensions: 2.75" (width) x 4.5" (length) x 2.1" (height)

Model: 4682
UPC: 683274012186

Model: 4682
Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonx

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