DR MT-7 Tite-Fit 7 String Electric Guitar Strings, .010 - .056

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The DR Tite Fit 7 String Electric Guitar Strings give you top quality at a low, low price...

DR Tite-Fit electric guitar strings are designed using DR's finely tuned hand-crafted process. Founded by Mark Dronge in 1989, DR has taken their craft to heart in order to create a quality string used around the world. While machine-winding may be faster, DR strings are handmade so that each string is more accurately wound and free of inconsistencies. With a patented coating technique, DR strings provide excellent intonation and bright, clear sound. No matter which guitar you're playing, DR Tite-Fit electric guitar strings are right for you!

Round wound
Nickel-plated steel
.012, .015, .024, .032, .042, .052

Model: 5272
UPC: 600781000918

Model: MT-7
Manufacturer: DR

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