600781006316 DR Strings StringLife Liquid Polymer

600781006316 DR Strings StringLife Liquid Polymer

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The DR StringLife Liquid Polymer String Cleaner and Strengthener stretvh the life of your favorite strings...

DR's Stringlife™? liquid polymer coating bonds to strings by causing the positive charge of electrons in your strings to attract to the negative charged polymer. This creates a process called electrovalent bonding.

This is not the same old same old. DR's Stringlife™? is a molecular bonding liquid polymer that forms a barrier between strings and the elements (like acid, dirt and grime) that steal their life. It is not mineral oil or silicone. Stringlife™? is as effective in prolonging the useful life of strings as factory coated polymer strings. Players can coat their favorite set of strings to make them last longer.

Model: Stringlife
2 oz bottle

UPC: 600781006316

Model: 600781006316
Manufacturer: DR

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