7533 EVH® Premium Straps

7533 EVH® Premium Straps

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The EVH premium guitar strap provides rockstar comfort and style...

The same strap used for years by Edward Van Halen.

Adjustable in length, this beauty is comfortable and a real looker, crafted from premium quality leatherette. The unique Velcro design and hook-and-loop fasteners make setting the strap to the perfect length very easy, and allows for quick adjustments on the fly.

The EVH Premium Quality adjustable guitar strap lets you comfortably sling that guitar over your shoulder in big-rock EVH style. Easily and quickly adjust the strap length to a shortened length of 52-inch, via fabric hook-and-loop fasteners, to as long as 72-inch!

42-53 inches long
2 inches wide
embroidered with the EVH logo

Model: 7533
UPC: 717669675257

Model: 7533
Manufacturer: EVH

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