Fender 7756 American Pro Jazz Bass V, Maple Fingerboard, Sonic Gray

Fender 7756 American Pro Jazz Bass V, Maple Fingerboard, Sonic Gray

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The Fender American Pro Jazz Bass V is a worldwide favorite 5-string bass...

This American Professional Jazz Bass V is a 5-string incarnation of that ground-breaking instrument. Designed from the ground up to offer you an ideal gigging and recording instrument, the American Professional Jazz Bass V boasts a bevy of player-friendly features. Your hand will wrap comfortably around the familiar Slim-C neck contour, while you enjoy the blend of power and old-school low end delivered by a pair of V-Mod single-coil J-style pickups. The ubiquitous American Professional Jazz Bass — better than ever!

Jazz basses boast a 2-pickup setup, allowing you to get diverse tonal variation. The single-coils and the bass's 3-knob setup have been responsible for a wide array of some of the most legendary bass tones in history. The American Professional Jazz Bass V sticks close to its heritage with a duet of V-Mod single-coil pickups. Designed by pickup guru Tim Shaw, these single-coils exhibit the warm and natural tones of older pickups, while delivering the clarity and dynamic range of some of today's best designs.

Many bass players agree that Jazz Basses boast some of the best necks ever. And you'll enjoy every bit of that to-die-for profile on your American Professional Jazz's Slim-C profile. It fits in your hand perfectly while being narrow enough to move up and down the fretboard easily. The neck's satin finish gives the feeling of a well-worked vintage instrument, while its 9.5" fretboard radius is more akin to what you'll find on more modern designs. And a set of Posiflex graphite rods is installed to keep the neck stable and straight.

Tried-and-true J Bass design with player-friendly updates
5-string design
2 V-Mod single-coil pickups blend vintage and modern tonalities
Alder body delivers a balanced sound
Slim-C neck profile is fast and comfortable
Fluted tuners keep proper tension on your string posts
Neck is stabilized with Posiflex graphite rods
HiMass vintage bridge adds sustain and articulation

Model: 7756
UPC: 885978749195

Model: 7756
Manufacturer: Fender

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