Fender 7740 American Vintage Stratocaster Intonation Springs, Nickel (12)

Price: $4.49

The Fender Vintage Stratocaster Intonation Springs can help with a broken bridge or tremolo...

Lose a spring for your FenderĀ® bridge or tremolo assembly? Replace it with genuine Fender parts. Package of twelve 5/16" long nickel-plated steel intonation springs used in many vintage-style tremolo bridge assemblies. Fits American Vintage Series (US), American Standard ('08-Present) (US) and Classic Player, Road Worn and Classic Series (Mexico) models manufactured from 1998-Present.

Condition: Brand New (New)
Brand: Fender
Made In: United States     

Model: 7740
UPC: 717669069384

Model: 7740
Manufacturer: Fender

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