3168 Roland RCC-10-US14 1/4" Male x USB Instrument Cable

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Roland RCC-10-US14 USB Instrument Analog to Digital Converter Cable..

This special USB cable has a 1/4-inch plug on one end, allowing you to connect a line-level or instrument-level audio device directly to your computer. To connect a guitar with this cable, we recommended placing a buffered-bypass pedal (such as a BOSS compact pedal) in line. This cable is passive and relies on your computer's native USB audio support for operation.


  • Low-noise design with full dynamic reproduction
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene insulation
  • Oxygen free conductor
  • LED Indicator
  • 20DB signal boost
  • Model RCC-10-US14
  • UPC:  761294218136


Model: 3168
Manufacturer: Roland

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