Truly Handmade Strings for Your Acoustic Guitar


The DR 2 Set Dragon Skin Acoustic Guitar Strings are handmade specifically made to make you sound your very best...

Since 1989, DR strings has been committed to bringing you the beauty of handmade strings
for guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments. Many Remix players notice a difference
between the sound of handmade strings and machine-made strings, and to some, handmade
strings are the clear winner. In addition, DR strings are an American-made product from start
to finish. This is a 2-pack of high-quality DR Strings Dragon Skin Light Acoustic guitar strings
that range from 0.010" to 0.048" in diameter. The phosphor bronze wrap wire is wound around
a hexagonal core and is treated with a proprietary K3 Technology coating that DR Strings
claims sounds just as good — or even better — than uncoated strings, and many guitarists

2 sets within one package
Phosphor bronze wound

Model: 5291
UPC: 600781004671

Model: 5291
Manufacturer: DR
Truly Handmade Strings for Your Acoustic Guitar
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