Boss TR-2 Tremolo Effects Pedal

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Product  TR-2

The Boss TR-2 Tremelo Pedal is an easy-to-use adaption to your pedal board...

Before Boss figured out how to churn out reliable pedals that could digitally conjure up sounds like the TR-2, before any outboard effects existed at all, there was tremolo. In the golden age of amplifiers, all the effects were built-in, and the pickings were slim, usually only reverb and tremolo. As a result, many artists were eager to use these novel effects, especially tremolo, forever associating that wavering sound the early days of electric guitar. Amp manufacturers have strayed away from onboard tremolo (with the exception of some reissues), but the Boss TR-2 can take you back to that era with the tap of your foot.


  • Dedicated Wave, Rate, and Depth knobs allow for precise effect tailoring
  • Rate control allows for high-speed adjustment
  • Wave control alters LFO waveform from triangle to square
  • Depth control determines the strength of the effect
  • BOSS 5-year warranty

Model: 3402



Model: TR-2
Manufacturer: Boss

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