DR VTE-10/52 Veritas Quantum Nickel Guitar Strings, .010 - .052

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The DR VTE-10/52 Heavy Electric Guitar Strings are handmade to sound perfect on your guitar...

Since 1989, DR strings has been committed to bringing you the beauty of handmade strings for guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments. Many guitar players notice a difference between the sound of handmade strings and machine-made strings, and to some, handmade strings are the clear winner. In addition, DR strings are an American-made product from start to finish. These high-quality VTE-10/52 Veritas Big & Heavy electric guitar strings range from 0.010" to 0.052" in diameter and feature round cores for a sweeter response. Their Quantum Nickel wrap wire offers enhanced magnetic qualities, which results in a more powerful sound compared to ordinary NPS 8% nickel-plated wire. Plus, all Veritas strings employ Accurate Core Technology (ACT) to reinforce the wire and fill in any imperfections, resulting in louder, brighter, longer-lasting guitar strings.

0.010"–0.052" heavy-gauge strings are tough but musically responsive
Wrapped over a round core wire for a sweeter, more sensitive response
ACT-treated core is extra-loud, uber-bright, and more durable than untreated core wire
Quantum Nickel wrap wire for enhanced string amplitude and sustain

Model: 3348
UPC: 600781006590

Model: VTE-10/52
Manufacturer: DR

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