Remo BR1322 Ambassador Bass Drumhead - 22" - Clear

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Remo 22" Ambassador Clear Bass Drumhead Features:
  • 22" bass drum batter head
  • Provides a bright, open, and resonant sound with excellent attack
  • Fast response works well for rock to metal
  • Open tone suits delicate jazz feathering
  • No artificial "whoomph"
  • Made with a single ply of 10-mil Mylar
  • Remo's brightest bass head with the longest sustain
Revitalize your kit with the Remo Ambassador Clear bass drumhead!

Tech Specs

Batter/Resonant Batter
Clear/Coated Clear
Size 22"
Thickness 10mil (1-ply)
Manufacturer Part Number BR-1322-00-

Model: BR1322
Manufacturer: Remo

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