Perri Leather 5553 Perri's NWS30-1690 2" Red Seatbelt Guitar Strap

Price: $15.99

The Perri's seatbelt Guitar is really comfortable and looks great.

This 2" navy blue seatbelt guitar strap with leather ends is very comfortable and fully adjustable from 39" to 58" long. Made in Canada.

The guitar strap: not just a fashion accessory and not just a rock and roll accruement. The guitar strap connects you to the heart of your expression. Perri's Leathers knows the essence of a great guitar strap. They have designed and finely crafted guitar straps for over fifteen years. The family business combines the expertise and experience needed to produce unique, beautiful and functional guitar straps. Lou Perri, original owner, artist, musician and patriarch, Anthony Perri, innovator and son - together they put the soul into each guitar strap they create.


- Fully Adjustable from 39" to 58"

- Leather Ends

- Seatbelt Materials

- Made in Canada

- UPC: 881738105553

- Cat#: NWS30-1690



Model: 5553
Manufacturer: Perri Leather

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