Hosa YMP-434 3.5 Female TRS x 2-1/4" Male TS Y Cable

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The Hosa YMP-434 3.5mm TRS to Dual 1/4" TS Cable offers quality and affordability...

The Remo Clear Pinstripe Head promotes a deep, fat sound that is great to play in the recording studio or on stage. The Clear Pinstripe Head has 2 plies of clear film that are bonded at the collar. This design dampens excessive resonance and high overtones. The result is a focused, low-end sound with good attack. For a controlled, deep sound, the Remo Clear Pinstripe Head is a great addition.

Male 3.5mm TRS X dual female 1/4" TS

Model: 4499
UPC: 728736033405

Model: YMP-434
Manufacturer: Hosa

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