P02723 Ernie Ball 2723 Colbalt Super Slinky, .009-.042

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The Ernie Ball P02721 Cobalt Slinky Strings are perfect for crisp and dynamic sounds...

Part of the Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Guitar Strings Series, the 2728 Cobalt 7-String Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings are engineered to maximize output and clarity, and are the latest innovation in string technology. Seeking to provide guitarists and bassists with a new voice, Cobalt strings provide an extended dynamic range, incredible harmonic response, increased low end, and crisp, clear highs. Cobalt is the most magnetically active string alloy on the planet and attracts the magnets in your pickups more than any other string. Cobalt Slinkys are also soft and silky to the touch, making string bending a breeze.

Made of magnetic alloy
Soft to make string bending easy

Model: 4474
UPC: 749699127239

Model: P02723
Manufacturer: Ernie Ball

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