4040 Meinl HMC-1 Standard Multi Clamp

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Mount Percussion without a Stand

Don't use a full stand to mount your drums and percussion when the Meinl HMC-1 would do. This steel clamp features a modern black powder-coated finish. It secures to a hi-hat stand or cymbal stand to mount cowbells, tambourines, and even small snare drums neatly - no wasted space. A feature Remix drummers found useful was the adjustable 3/8" mounting rod (included). Not only does the Meinl HMC-1 clamp adjust for optimal positioning on a stand, but the rod features knurled sections and a separate thumbscrew for raising and lowering. This helps get your percussion instruments right where you need them.

Meinl Percussion HMC-1 Multi-clamp with Rod Features:
  • The tidy way to mount a cowbell, tambourine, or snare drum
  • Black powder-coated steel clamp secures to hi-hat and cymbal stands
  • Included 3/8" rod raises and lowers to find the perfect positioning
  • Comfortable thumbscrews
  • Knurled rod provides non-slip friction in the clamp
Create a cleaner stage and practice space with the Meinl Percussion HMC-1 multi-clamp!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number HMC-1

Model: 4040
Manufacturer: Meinl

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