981351809 Fender California Clear Medium Picks, 12

981351809 Fender California Clear Medium Picks, 12

Price: $4.49

The Fender California Clear Picks make sure you sound great all the time...

Fender guitar picks are an essential part of any player's gear. From soulful blues licks to searing metal riffs, your pick is where it all begins. Fender offers a wide variety of picks, in any thickness and made from a variety of materials and an amazing assortment of colors. You're sure to be able to find a Fender guitar pick that reflects your personality and you're playing style. Keep two things in mind: Your tone starts at the pick, and you can never have enough Fender guitar picks!

Gague: Medium
Color: Green
Quantity: 12

Model: 981351809
UPC: 717669495077

Model: 981351809
Manufacturer: Fender

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