• 6118  Eldon ELF220-U, C Flute
    6118 Eldon ELF220-U, C Flute

    The Eldon C Flute is the perfect intermediate flute for any musician...

    Eldon band instruments were created by Antigua Winds with the beginning musician in mind. Each Eldon instrument encompasses the finest features and quality that come from years of experience combined with modern manufacturing techniques. Eldon produces instruments with the desire that your "First Step in Music" be positive and rewarding. This silver plated C flute features plateau style closed-holes and comes with a lighweight collegiate case.

    Silver-plated head joint, body and foot joint for centered tone
    Fully ribbed construction
    Split E key – an advanced feature not found in all student flutes
    Offset G key to reduce left hand stress
    Power forged silver plated keys for increased durability
    Rolled tone holes
    .016” head joint and body wall thickness
    Y arm

    Model: 6118

    Model: 6118
    Manufacturer: Eldon
    Regular Price: $417.65
    On Sale For: $313.25
  • 6119 Eldon ETP102-U, Bb Trumpet,Yellow Brass
    6119 Eldon ETP102-U, Bb Trumpet,Yellow Brass

    The Eldon Yellow Brass Trumpet is a perfect beginner trumped equipped with all nessisary features...

    The Eldon student trumpet features an attractive lacquered yellow brass body and bell with nickel and silver trim at common wear points on the horn. That means you can practice like crazy and your horn will still retain its shiny and new appearance. That fact is more important than you might think, as pride of ownership goes a long way toward inspiring daily practice. It has a .459 in. bore and a 4.9 in. bell, which make for easy tone production and a nice, big sound. It has a lacquered brass lead pipe, 1st valve saddle and an adjustable 3rd valve ring. Hand-lapped nickel plated pistons provide smooth action, and brass inner and nickel/silver outer slides enhance durability. A 7C silver-plated mouthpiece is included, as is a lightweight collegiate case and polishing cloth. One year limited warranty.

    Yellow lacquered brass body and nickel silver at common points of wear
    1st valve saddle provides accurate intonation
    Hand-lapped stainless steel pistons for fast response
    Adjustable 3rd valve ring facilitates intonation
    Includes durable dual-protected collegiate case with shoulder and backpack straps

    Model: 6119

    Model: 6119
    Manufacturer: Eldon
    Regular Price: $491.57
    On Sale For: $368.68
  • 6120 Eldon ETB102-U, Bb Trombone
    6120 Eldon ETB102-U, Bb Trombone

    The Eldon Trombone has advanced features while keeping the beginners prices...
    The Eldon Trombone features a .495" bore designed for easy tone production and projection. This trombone also features a brass outer handslide and crook plus a chrome inner handslide for enhanced durability. Includes a mouthpiece and case. The ETB-100 displays a great design and reflects Etude's commitment to outstanding construction, resulting in an instrument that will give you years of musical enjoyment and give your student every chance to develop a lifelong association with the love of music. This Bb trombaone offers features usually found on more expensive instruments that include an attractive yellow brass body with clear lacquer finish and comes with a collegiate case.

    Designed for easy tone production
    495" bore
    Chrome inner handslide
    Brass outer handslide and crook


    Model: 6120
    Manufacturer: Eldon
    Regular Price: $487.18
    On Sale For: $365.00